About Me

I am a country girl, a lover of family, friends and animals. To serve God and others has been a life long passion.  My joy comes from seeing others thrive.  My interests have been varied from sewing, gardening, raising animals, the medical field to law enforcement, security, hospitality and retail sales. I feel learning is a way of life an should never stop.

 I struggled for many years and spent much to make the internet into an income producing enterprise. Starting back in the 1990s I saw the power the internet was to play in our economy and daily life.  I was scammed of course, but than found my first source of income as an independent contractor and moved to work for myself in 2003 and left working outside my home completely in 2006 and haven't looked back. Still I had to schedule work hours and had some limitations to this type of work so I found mentors, courses, and learned and still am the tools that would give me full independence of my work environment and the ability to sell my skills, abilities, products and services to other like minded entrepreneurs. 


Messenger Link:  https://www.facebook.com/darla.key.1/